Behind the scene with Collins Leathers.

Collins Leathers was original started by Dave Mackay, Chris Collins and Steve Collins. This is a brief story about the company from Dave about how we started and future plans with our company. It does not seem that long ago that I made the phone call to UK motorcycle clothing company  Frank Thomas. I asking about their boot range, the idea was to import and sell their boot range to support my racing in Australia. With a lot of help from Collin Pitman we ended up creating the Frank Thomas department stores concept throughout Australia. of which Wayne was one of the first shops. The deal was, we would not just supply the clothing, we fitted out the shop with all the fittings  light even the hangers. the dealer then agreed to sell the whole Frank Thomas range. Having a feel for clothing design it was a good feeling when Frank Thomas would fly me back to the UK each year to assist with the new years collection. The Aussie Dollar crashed against the UK pound and from one week to the next, Frank Thomas was finished, FT were great people to work for and it was a very sad day for us it finished. But as one door closes another opens, I was lucky enough to be working with Chris Collins designing clothing for other companies, we sat in Melbourne thinking of the next move, I turned to him and said I’m going to start our own brand, sitting on a bench in Collins Street, and making notes in my Collins book, Chris looked at me and said what are you going to call it. We already had machines sitting in Korea so I jumped on a plane to see an old friend about renting a space and setting up Collins Leathers, having the knowledge about how to make bike gear the correct way, we not only made our own gear, we contracted out for a number of very well know brands. Not only did we make Collins Leathers a success, we were responsible for the production on 3 major brands at the same time. Years later and sadly the Collins Leathers as we know it will come to an end, we are still going to produce a small range of casual retro style leather jackets, and for sure we will make race suits for any team that puts a deal on the table, but as we now stand production of motorcycle clothing has finished. The best part is we have over $90,000.00 in stock to clear and thanks to a true friend Wayne Leonard he brought the lot and has it in Wayne Leonard Motorcycles Cairns to clear, you can get a deal that will never be repeated, Jackets from $99.00, there are even full race suits for $499.00, be quick as it is first in best dressed as they say.   Most of all I would personally like to thank all the people that brought our product and a big thank you to all the loyal racers over the years that made Collins a success that includes Jamie and Dan Stauffer, Damian Cudlen and one of the first Zac Davies, I also have to thank Marty Thompson for all his help through the years. They may seem miles apart but we are now producing commercial grade bean bags, the same business approach, Quality, Style and a great price and yes we are making them with the bike brands on them.     
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END OF LINE CLEARANCE Leather Jackets From $250.00 Leather Pants From $95.00 Race Suits From $450.00 Call in for the best deal no offer refused
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